Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Great White Father

The "slavery wasn't so bad, maybe we should bring it back" idea basically comes from the belief the black people can't or won't take care of themselves and that all the secret welfare they get just encourages them to be even more lazy than they'd otherwise be. So perhaps they would just be better off if they were taken care of by the benevolent Great White Father who would "encourage" them to fight their basic nature and work a bit, while making sure they were well taken care of.

Racist and more than a little ignorant of the reality of slavery, but there you go.

Happy Hour

If this post by Meander doesn't have you reaching for a drink, then you're just not paying attention.

It All Comes Back To Bullshit Mountain

Conservative White America, summarized:
"I've been on food stamps and welfare, did anybody help me out? No."

The Poors Definitely Can't Have Nice Things

It isn't the full story, but part of the acceptance of "only poor people get busted for drugs" is based on the idea that the poors don't deserve any "fun" at all. Obviously given addiction issues drug use is a bit more complicated than "fun," but people who have no problem shelling out $50 for a bottle of wine are horrified to see the poors with a six pack of cheap beer. Likewise, upper middle class people who for one reason or another rely on drugs, legal or not, think the poor, with their slightly more acute struggles, must have purity of essence.

Just Change A Few Words

And Bundy's rhetoric is pretty typical.


No I'm not interested in locking people up for most drug offenses, or any overreach by prosecutors, but for some reason "we" only confront these issues when the right sorts of people face them.

Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Because of fear and belief that the blah people will get more nice things than they "deserve."

I imagine soon we'll hear stories of "those people" getting all that free chemotherapy from their Obummercare. Where's my free chemo, huh???

The Real Racist

I suppose this gets old at some point, but our politics is ruled by people benefiting from federal largesse who think the real moochers are the blahs who have access to the secret welfare system.

Thursday Is New Jobless Day

329K new lucky duckies. Wrong direction, but not too bad.

Morning Thread

Here's an interesting post about modern journalism and one reporter's day-to-day experience.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Late Night

Rock on.

Wednesday Night

Talk about Wednesday-related stuff.

Happy Hour Thread


Other People Are Horrible

The term "hipster" used to refer to poor 20somethings who drank PBRs, wore skinny jeans, had beards (the men) and tattoos, worked as bartenders or baristas, and probably were in a band. Then it referred to "rich white people moving into Brooklyn with their two young children." Now it seems to mean "anyone who embraces anything vaguely trendy that I don't like."

Whatever It Takes

Horrible person Matt Miller makes vapid campaign ad.

The Worst Person In The World

Of course that post title is always a bit tongue-in-cheek, but surely D'Souza is a candidate.
According to The New York Times, D'Souza's lawyer is claiming that the conservative pundit is being "targeted...because of his consistently caustic and highly publicized criticism" of President Obama. (The prosecution has called these claims "entirely without merit.") The Times also reports that prosecutors claim to have a recording made by the husband of a woman D'Souza was "involved with romantically" who was "one of the alleged straw donors." According to the woman, D'Souza said that if he were eventually charged, he might plead not guilty to help "get his story out there":

We Did It Cheaply

One big mistake many American cities made too accommodate the car was to knock down buildings and build surface parking lots, and then later just surround any new building with giant surface parking lots (YMMV depending on precisely which city we're talking about). It isn't as if cities in Yurp didn't have to accommodate cars too, even if they didn't always do it quite as eagerly. A fairly standard feature of European cities are giant municipal underground parking lots. They're often built under big plazas and other attractions. They're neatly tucked away, with signs generously sprinkled around with displays informing you which lots have available spaces.

We spent a lot of money on automobile-related program activities, but we mostly screwed up the last step. Giant underground lots are expensive.

Bus Wankers

I don't know enough about Seattle politics or transportation, but service cuts are going to hurt and increase congestion.